Automotive Locks

At Reyjeans we can solve your auto lock problems. Whether it’s a locked car door, lost keys, or a problem with your ignition key. We offer a full range of automotive services that can save you hundreds of dollars over going to the dealers. Did you know keys can wear down making them stick?

We can help.

We see people all so often go and spend lots of money buying new ignitions and paying for labor to put them in when in reality all that they needed was a new key cut back to the factory specifications. We have also seen people call town truck drivers out to open cars and set off the anti-theft systems so you are still stuck with a car that won’t run till it is towed to the dealer. If you called someone who was trained for automotive entry the chances of this are greatly reduced. And here at Reyjeans we stand behind our work. So if something was to happen because of something we did we would pay for it to be made right!

  • Locks Replaced
  • Locks Repaired
  • Emergency Lockouts
  • Keys by Code
  • Broken Keys Extracted
  • Rekey Auto Locks
  • Lost key Generation
  • Remote control (car unlock and lock clickers)
  • Remote Skins (for when the plastic loop breaks)